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Maximize Your Home’s Value: A Seller’s Checklist

Selling your place can be a big money move. You’ll want to maximize the sale price and sell quickly. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says homes that are spruced up tend to go faster and for more cash. So here are some tips to make that happen:

1. Price It Right
– Do your homework on comparable homes and work with your agent to pick a competitive price.
– NAR says overpricing can mean it’ll sit there…longer. And you may have to lower the price.

2. Curb Appeal
– First impressions matter big time. Spruce up the exterior with nice landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and a welcoming entrance.
– NAR says a well-landscaped home can add over 10% to its value.

3. Declutter and Depersonalize
– Remove personal stuff and declutter so rooms look more spacious.
– This helps potential buyers picture themselves living there, says NAR.

4. Make Repairs and Update
– Address any fixes needed, especially kitchen and bathrooms. They often have a high return on investment.
– NAR research shows updates can really pay off.

5. Consider Professional Staging
– Pro staging can highlight your home’s best features and give it a “wow” vibe.
– Staged homes often sell faster and for more, according to NAR.

6. Invest in Photos
– Hire a pro photographer to make your listings pop online.
– NAR says homes with great photos get more clicks.

7. Marketing and Online Presence
– Use online listings, social media, real estate sites to get the word out.
– NAR says a strong online presence is key today.

8. Open Houses and Showings
– Make your home easy to see with frequent showings and open houses.
– NAR says homes with more showings tend to sell faster.

9. Be Flexible When Negotiating
– Keep an open mind on price and terms with potential buyers.
– NAR says flexibility can lead to closed deals.

10. Partner with an Experienced Agent
– Work with a pro realtor who knows the local market inside out.
– NAR data shows homes with agents sell for more.

The bottom line? Follow these tips and leverage NAR insights to maximize your chances of a quick sale at a top dollar price. But each market is different, so work closely with your agent to customize these strategies for your situation.


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